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The Importance of Privacy in Tarot Readings

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

and Why Some Readers Prefer One-on-One Sessions, Even for Couples


March 20, 2023

Tarot readings are an intimate and personal experience for many individuals. It's a time to seek guidance, gain insight, and explore our innermost thoughts and feelings. Some readers, however, prefer to keep these sessions private and do not want others listening in. This preference can be attributed to the impact that additional people may have on the energy and messages received during the reading.

This also includes couple's readings, where the presence of both partners can put the reader in an awkward position if they uncover information that might upset or compromise one of the partners.

Let’s explore why privacy matters in tarot readings, including for couples, and how recording a session can help maintain confidentiality while still allowing the client to share their experience with friends and family later.

Energy and Concentration

Tarot readings rely heavily on the energy exchanged between the reader and the client. The presence of others can unintentionally affect this energy, making it more challenging for the reader to focus on the client's needs and questions. This interference can dilute the reading's accuracy and ultimately make it less meaningful for the client.

Vulnerability and Emotional Comfort

Opening up during a tarot reading can be an emotionally vulnerable experience. Clients may need to discuss sensitive topics or explore deep-rooted issues that they're not comfortable sharing with others. By keeping the reading private, clients are more likely to feel at ease and be honest with themselves and the reader.

Maintaining Control of Personal Information

In a private tarot reading, clients can better control who has access to their personal information. This aspect is essential for many people, as they may not want their friends or family to know the details of their readings or feel judged for their choices or concerns.

Unwanted Influences

When other people are present during a tarot reading, they may inadvertently influence the reader's interpretation or the client's reactions to the cards. This influence can skew the reading's outcomes and make it harder for the client to derive meaning from the session.

Solution: Recording the Session

To maintain the privacy and integrity of a tarot reading while still allowing clients to share their experiences with friends and family, it's a great idea to ask the reader if they can record the session. With a recording, clients can:

  • Revisit the reading at their leisure to gain deeper insights

  • Share the reading with others on their own terms, without the pressure of having them present during the session

  • Keep a record of their tarot journey and track their personal growth and development over time

In conclusion, it's crucial to respect the preferences of clients who value privacy during tarot readings. By understanding the importance of privacy, we can create a safe and nurturing space for clients to explore their inner worlds and gain the most from their readings. Offering the option to record sessions is an excellent compromise that allows clients to maintain their privacy while sharing their experiences with loved ones at a later time.

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